Haploid and Diploid Dominant Life Cycles

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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not all you Kerasiotes undergo in alteration of generations. Some have life cycles that are either dominated by a deployed or hap Lloyd phase. And in the hap Lloyd dominant life cycle, what we'll see is the zygote is the Onley part of the life cycle that is deployed right. The zygote is gonna form from the fusion of GAM. It's like normal. And then it's gonna undergo my Asus and it's going to reform. Hap Lloyd cells and thes life cycles can be experienced by Eunice cellular organisms or multi cellular organisms. That's what's meant by individuals or more cells. Now these Hap Lloyd cells will reproduce a sexually, so they're gonna, uh, reproduce through mitosis and cell division, and they can also form GAM eats right also through my toe, sis. And again those gametes will fuse to form the zygote, and then the zygote will undergo my oasis. So, um, basically, the dominant part of the life cycle of these organisms is hap Lloyd, now in a deployed dominant life cycle, which is what humans are like. So use that as your basis of comparison in the deployed dominant life cycle. Basically, the Onley hap Lloyd cells are the gametes and thes. They're gonna be formed by some type of mature cell that's gonna undergo my Oh, sis, um, you know, this is like sperm and egg formation. So these are going these cells, they're gonna undergo my Asus form, those gametes and those gametes Arthuis, Onley, hap Lloyd, part of this organism's life cycle, and they will fuse together to form a zygote, and then the individual, which is all going to be deployed now Ah, you know, the difference between these two life cycles is that in the hap Lloyd dominant life cycle, it's the zygote itself that's going to undergo my Asus to produce, um, to produce the, uh Well, in the case of that, it's gonna be right. Our little hap Lloyd cells. They're not actually the gametes. But the point is, the zygote undergoes my Asus directly, whereas in a deployed dominant life cycle, the zygote will undergo might assis to form the organism. And then certain mature cells in that organism will will be the ones that undergo my oh, sis, to you form gam. It's so the zygote does not undergo bio sis. With that, uh, let's conclude this video