Introduction to DNA-Based Technology

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our introduction to DNA based technology. And so DNA based technology is really just a term that's used to describe the techniques used to manipulate D n A or change the DNA sequence and to study gene expression. And so there are many different reasons to study D. N A. And some of those reasons are listed here in parentheses such as developing vaccines, genetically modifying plants and tracking inheritance within families and so down below. In our example, we're showing you some images here of some of the many reasons why researchers used DNA based technologies to study gene expression. And so over here on the far left hand side. This is, of course, showing you the development of vaccines such as, for example, the Covid 19 vaccine. Now, DNA based technologies can also be used to genetically modify plants to give plants specific characteristics, such as maybe modifying the DNA of a plant so that it has more resistance to pesticides. And so, in this image, down below, over here, notice that this plant over here is having a problem with these pests. And he's got this little whacker here to try to get rid of him. Where is this plan? Over here is not having that same problem. And that's because this plant has been genetically modified to have specific characteristics that allows it to resist pesticides. And so he's saying, You got to have the right genes, buddy, in order to avoid this past problems and then last but not least over here, another of many, uh, reasons to study D. N A. Is to track inheritance patterns within families and so down below. What we're showing you here is just an image of a little pedigree to show you that DNA based technologies can be really, really important for tracking inheritance patterns. And so this is just some of the very many reasons why it's so important to study D n A. And to use DNA based technology. And so as we move forward in our course, we're going to talk about a lot of different technologies. And so this year concludes our brief introduction to DNA based technology, and I'll see you all in our next video