Phosphorylation Cascades

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to introduce phosphor relation cascades. And so a phosphor relation cascade is when a Siris of protein kindnesses amplify a signal by successive phosphor elation, events of different kindnesses. And so ultimately, in other words, really, What we're saying is that kindness is which recall from our last video are just enzymes that add a phosphate group to a substrate. Uh, kindnesses are capable of phosphor awaiting and activating other kindnesses. And this is going to lead to successive phosphor relation events for amplification of a signal. So let's take a look at our image down below of the phosphor relation signaling cascade. And so notice Once again, we're showing you a cells plasma membrane right here and down below. We're showing you the inside of the cell up above is, of course, the outside of the cell and notice embedded in the plasma membrane. Here we have a receptor and notice that the signaling molecule is going to be able to bind to the receptor and cause a confirmation will change. Now, in a fossil relation signaling cascade, what will happen is a kindness. Enzyme is going to become phosphor, elated and activated, and the presence of the signaling molecule binding to the receptor. And so this activated and phosphor related kindness. Congar oh onto phosphor lee and activate yet another kindness. And this kindness here can go onto phosphor early and activate yet another kindness. And so notice that this kindness is different from this one, which is different from this one. And so this kindness here might be the one that's responsible for generating the cellular response. But ultimately what we're seeing here is a fuss for Elation Cascade, which is really just defined by successive phosphor elation events one after the other after the other, ultimately amplifying the signal toe lead for lead to a cellular response and foster relation. Cascades are a pretty regular on normal part of, uh, many bio signaling pathways. And so this here concludes our introduction to foster relation cascades. And once again we'll be able to get some practice as we move forward our course. So I'll see you all in our next video