Fungi Reproduction - 2

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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now's I go My seats. Air named for their distinctive reproductive structure The Zygo spar, Angie. Um and this is what's formed after plasma. Gamy. So you'll notice. Here we have our plasma gaming stage to Haifa are gonna get together and they're going to fuse and form a zygote after Carrie Aga me, Right? So first they'll fuse Cytoplasm is Then the nuclei will fuse will form a zygote at that point. And the zygote is going to develop into the Saigo. Spare Angie A which is the spore producing structure off his I go my seat that arises from the fusion of hyphen. It actually, um very cool It sits is kind of this blob. So here we have our So I go groups. Zygo sprang Geum Right again, Spring G. Um, that's gonna be the singular form of this word. So our Zygo sprang Geum right here, This structure. And, uh, essentially, this is going thio sprout, uh, sport producing structure that will, you can see right here, and the structure will rupture giving off the various spores. And those fours will then eventually turn Germany turned into haif a and grow and get together and repeat the cycle. So this is the sexual life cycle for Zygo my seats. But it's worth noting that they actually have an a sexual form of reproduction where these Speranza Fours form from their haIf a and basically their stocks with spring JIA at the tip. So a structure not unlike this one we saw here Um, of course, these air going thio release spores that were created through a sexual reproduction, though not sexual reproduction. And again, those a sexual sport producing structures air called Spare Anja Fours. That's brandy pours. All right, moving on. We have Baseggio, Mike OTA and these are mushrooms that were familiar with eating, though actually, as you'll see, not all mushrooms that we eat are the city of my kota now, Uh, Presidio, my kota have reproductive structures that are made of joy. I carry attic haIf a and again these are mushrooms and these die carry attic haIf have what are called the city A on their end. So, looking at our diagram here, the fruiting body is also called the Baseggio carp. You can see it right there. Uh, it kind of looks like a cross section. Like if you cut a mushroom in half, but basically the city. Oh, carps are mushrooms that were used to seeing, like if you were to draw a cartoon of a mushroom you'd be drawing of a city over. So these, uh, Basilio carps are again made up of these die karadic haIf a and on their tips which, uh, if we're looking at this mushroom here basically hanging, um, in on the underside of the mushroom. Are these the city A or bas idiom? Singular. And these air, the spore producing cells in which carry agony is going to occur and they're going to produce the city of spores, which go on to Germany for haIf a And you know, those hi Fay of different mating types will get together. Plasma gamy. The dike periodic haIf a will then form, uh, mushroom sitio carp. And the process will repeat itself. And, uh, it's these Bossidy of these sport producing structures that give this group of fungi its name. Now let's turn the page and talk about the other type of mushroom We