Fungi Reproduction - 3

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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ask Oh my Kota have reproductive structures that are made of die Karadic haIf a. But unlike Cassidy of my Kota, they form. Ask I on their ends, not the setia. Now ask ir spore producing structures and they specifically produced eight half Lloyd sports called Ask a Sports and these are contained. These ask I that is, are contained within Anasco carp, which is the fruiting body of ASCO Mike OTA. And you might recall, from the first video fungi that we looked at Morel mushroom. Well, that's an example of an esco card. So the city of carps and Asko carps are the mushrooms that were normally eating when we eat mushrooms. And again, those were the reproductive structures of fun guy, not the main fungal body Mycelium. Now looking at ASCO, my co two reproduction, we actually will form Theo, ask us. You can see the initial ask us there. We have the two cells. They'll fuse to form the zygote, and then we'll have a Siris of cell divisions. You don't really need to worry about the specifics of all of that. But through a series of cell divisions, we go from having a deployed zygote to eight Hap Lloyd spores. You can see those all here, and they're contained in the Ask us sack. And they ask us itself really is kind of like a sack. And that's why thes are sometimes called Zach Fungi. And what's kind of crazy about these Ask a sax is when the spores are ready to go. These ask a sax which, unlike bas idea, remember Bossidy a hang down there on the external surface of the city of Carp. These ask I are actually inside the ask a carp and these spores will be ejected forcibly ejected from this sack. So they burst forth and are spread that way. And of course, the asco spores will Germany turn into High Fe. And these high fake can actually also reproduce a sexually. And when they reproduce a sexually, they form spores called Canadia. And what's interesting is these Canadia, as you can see happening here and here, these Canadia can actually also be involved in sexual reproduction so they can fertilize, uh, another, um, fungus of different mating type or, um, they can, uh, Germany and turn into life a in an a sexual reproductive process. All right, that's all I have for fungal reproduction. I'll see you guys next time