Polygenic Inheritance

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to talk about some non Mandelli in genetics or genetics that is not described by Gregor Mendel's laws. And we're going to start off by talking about Polly genic inheritance. And so it turns out that most inherited traits are actually Polly genic. And so what exactly does it mean for traits to be Polly genic? Well, apologetic traits, as their name implies, with the poly route, which means many, and the genic route here, which, of course, is referring to jeans, thes air going to be single fina tippet traits that are affected by multiple genes? And so again, you can see that within the root, apologetic Polly, meaning many or multiple and genic. Of course, referring to the genes and so apologetic traits are single fina tippet traits affected by multiple genes. And so if we take a look at our image down below, over here on the left hand side, notice we're showing you a representation of apologetic trait. One single FINA tippet trait affected by multiple genes. Gene a gene B, gene sea and jean de over here. And so when you have many genes affecting one trait, that is what's referred to as a palla genic trait. Now a classic example of apologetic trait is human height, which is controlled by well over 180 jeans. And so when you take a look at this image down below, you can see that we have different human heights. One at 6 ft, five inches, 6 ft, 5 ft five inches and one at 5 ft. And again, Human height is controlled by well over 180 jeans. And so, uh, that makes it a palla genic trait. Since it's a single trait, Single heat. Human height is a single trait that's affected by multiple genes. And that, of course, is going to be much more complicated than the simple Mandelli in genetics that we've talked about in our previous lesson videos. And so now that we've described, Apologetic Inheritance will be able to compare this to Playa Trophy in our next video, so I'll see you all there