Lactic Acid Fermentation

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to briefly introduce lactic acid fermentation. And so lactic acid fermentation is really just when Piro of it is reduced by any th toe form lactic acid or lack tape along with N a D Plus that's ultimately gonna help drive like Collis ISS. And so down below, over here in our image notice we're showing you lactic acid fermentation and so notice that when there's absolutely no oxygen, the normal processes that we've talked about for aerobic cellular respiration such as Pirated oxidation, the Krebs Cycle and the electron transport chain in Kenya, as Moses cannot occur, however, glide colle assists eyes going to be able to occur. And the reason for that is because lactic acid fermentation represented by this red arrow right here, is going to ultimately generate lactic acid or lack tape. And the Piru bit here is going to get reduced instead of being oxidized like it was normally was step two of aerobic cellular respiration. So the pirou is going to get reduced because it's going to be gaining electrons, and ultimately it's gonna be converted toe lactic acid and through this lactic acid fermentation here, the big part is that it regenerates the n a D plus here, the empty electron taxicab and this empty electron taxicab, the N a D plus is needed. In order for glide, Collis is to continue forward. And so, ultimately, lactic acid fermentation is allowing for glide. Collis is to proceed. Ford, even in the absence of oxygen and like colossus, is able to produce a small amount of 80 p just to a tee pee molecules and a little bit is certainly better than No. 80 p molecules. And so lactic acid fermentation will allow for such a small amount of eight p to be made vehicle like Hollis. Okay, and so lactic acid fermentation eyes actually going to occur in human muscle cells. But also it can occur in bacteria as well. And when it does occur in bacteria, this is what gives yogurt. It's sour taste, and so notice down below. Over here, on the right hand side of the image. We're showing you a human muscle here to remind you that lactic acid fermentation will actually occur in our muscle cells when we're doing X tremulous exercise, and our muscles are low on oxygen. Uh, lactic acid fermentation will occur, and our muscles are able to still produce a little bit of energy via a T P. But that small amount of a TPV produced vehicle callouses is not going to be enough to sustain our muscle cells, and so it can Onley occur for a small amount of time. And then we'll have to stop performing the exercise so that we can get more oxygen and allow our normal aerobic cellular respiration take place. But also lactic acid fermentation can also occur in bacteria that are found in yogurt and that gives yogurt. Once again. It's sour taste. And so this year concludes our brief introduction to lactic acid fermentation and our next video, we'll get to talk about alcohol fermentation, so I'll see you all there.