Nucleic Acids Example 2

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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All right. So here we have an example problem that wants us to complete the blank here, using one of these six potential answer options down below And the example problem says the puree nitrogenous bases are blank. And so, of course, if we recall from our last lesson video that one of the ways we can use to help us remember the puree nitrogenous bases is to remember pure ing are pure as gold. And so, by remembering pure as gold, we can see that the A in the as is for Adnan and the G and the gold is for guanine. And so adding and guanine are the pure Eanes. And so, of course, when we look at the answer options, we could see the option, he says, adding and guanine. And so that is going to be the correct answer for this example. Problem and all of the other ones are incorrect. And so that concludes this example problem. And I'll see you all in our next video