Introduction to Metabolism

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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in this video, we're going to begin our introduction to metabolism. And so metabolism is a term that refers to all of an organism's chemical reactions. And so when we're talking about all of the chemical reactions inside of an organism, that is what metabolism is referring to Now. Metabolic pathways are defined as a Siris of chemical reactions that ends up altering a substrate multiple times before the final product is released. And so notice down below. In this example image. We're showing you an image of an example metabolic pathway and so metabolic pathways. They have multiple steps and so notice that the very first substrate here substrate a is being converted into product. Be here by enzyme number one. But notice that product B is not the final product. Instead, B is going to be converted into sea by enzyme to, and C is further going to be converted into D by enzyme three and then last but not least, here D is going to be converted into E by enzyme four. And so really, here it is molecule E that is acting as the final product to this pathway, and really all of these other molecules that we see here are acting as substrates, uh, two enzymes. And so what we can see here is that enzymes can work together in a Siris of steps here in order to convert one substrate into another until the final product is released. And so when enzymes worked together in this fashion, we refer to it specifically as a metabolic pathway. And so really, there are two main types of metabolic pathways that you should be aware of, and we'll introduce those two in our next video, so I'll see you all there.