Map of the Lesson on Biomolecules

Jason Amores Sumpter
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and this video, we're going to introduce our map of the lesson on biomolecules, which is down below right here. And so notice that at the very top of our map, we have the word biomolecules, which we introduced in our last lesson video. And we can also see the four classes of biomolecules here in this image, which are carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids. Now, because this image here is a map of the lesson on biomolecules, we can actually use this image like a map to make predictions about what we're going to talk about next in our lesson. And so because here we're introducing biomolecules, we're at the very, very top of this map. And so we're gonna make our way from the top to the bottom of the map by exploring the left most branches first. And so right now we're introducing biomolecules and our next lesson video. You should expect to talk about monomers and polymers, which would include all of these images that we see here. And then after that, we're gonna follow the left most branches first so we'll make our way like this and then we'll fall over here. It's the far left talking about carbo hydrates, and once we've explored a path to its end, we'll zoom back out and explore the next branch. So then we'll talk about proteins and protein structure. Then we'll talk about nucleic acids comparing DNA and RNA. And then we'll end by talking about lipids and talking about facts, fossil lipid, steroids and waxes. And so this really is a map of our lesson on biomolecules. And so you should be referring back to this map as we move forward in our course. So this here concludes our introduction to the map of the lesson on biomolecules, and once again I'll see you all in our next lesson. Video to talk about monomers and polymers.