Gene Families

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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gene duplication can lead Thio multi gene families, which is a set of several similar genes formed through gene duplication. Now, sometimes these can be gene clusters, which are genes that air near each other on the chromosome and part of the same family, and you can see that we have unexamined of a gene cluster right here. This is showing us the formation, and here we have this hybrid gene and it's evolving, and we wind up with a three member gene family with three versions of this Be Jean. Now it's worth noting that sometimes in multi gene families, the genes air not actually in close proximity, and they could be kind of far apart. That happens through other processes. Now, when we're talking about gene clusters, we can not fail to mention the hawks. Genes, which are highly conserved, is ah, highly conserved gene family that determines the body plan of an embryo. And we're going to revisit this idea when we talk about development. But for now, let's think about this as a gene cluster, and you can see here that all of the individual genes in this gene family help define the different parts of the embryos body, and these genes are highly conserved, and they're used by many, many, many different types of organisms. Again, we will be revisiting this idea of hocks genes when we talk about development. So let's flip the page and talk about what all that non coding DNA is for.