Lymphatic System

by Jason Amores Sumpter
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the lymphatic system in a similar manner to the circulatory system is a network of vessels. However, these are lymphatic vessels instead of blood vessels, and they carry lymph rather than blood. Now the lymphatic system picks up what's called interstitial fluid. It actually drains plasma from the interstitial fluid, and the interstitial fluid is basically the fluid that surrounds and bathes the cells in our body. So it's gonna pick up fluid from outside of cells, and the lymphatic system is going to bring this fluid toward the heart now. This fluid, as we said, is lymph. It's a clear fluid, and it forms again from interstitial fluid entering lymphatic ducts. It's going to be filtered through what's known as lymph nodes, which are organs of the lymphatic system found all over the body and play a super critical role to the immune system. In addition, the lymphatic system includes the organs, the spleen and the thymus. Their roles air also going thio have to do with the immune system. So in terms of circulation, the lymphatic systems main job is basically to drain any excess plasma from the interstitial fluid and bring it, bring it towards the heart it will get filtered along the way. Make sure there's no pathogens in there that are going to get into your bloodstream. And then it's gonna actually add that plasma back into the bloodstream. And you can see here how the lymphatic vessels and the vasculature our associate it very closely and how they can, um, exchange fluids. That's all I have for this video. I'll see you guys next time.