by Jason Amores Sumpter
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Gamini, Genesis and females is no Nas o Genesis, and this is gonna result in the production of an over. Um, now an ovum is a female gammy or an egg sale. And it's going to have these particular layers that you should be aware of on the outside the Corona radio otta, which is the outer layer that the sperm will actually have to penetrate to fertilize the egg and the zona pellucida, which is a layer of Gleicher proteins inside the Corona. And we'll get Thio What is going on during fertilization? Just a little bit now. O Genesis actually begins before birth. Remembers formatted Genesis doesn't happen till puberty. O Genesis O Genesis begins before birth but doesn't complete it. Actually arrests at a certain phase and then after puberty will continue. And this process actually stops after what's known as menopause. So oh, Genesis starts with Ogoni A these air female deployed germ cells that will divide by mitosis and actually begin my oh sis prior to birth. So they divide by my oath or mitosis and form primary oocytes that will start my oh sis, and then stop at pro phase one and each one of these primary oocytes is gonna be contained in a structure known as a follicle. This follicle is going thio not only contain the primary oocyte, but play a role in the menstrual cycle. And we'll talk about the menstrual cycle in more detail in just a moment, but very briefly each month. Basically, in humans, the cycles different other organisms. Each month, FSH follicle stimulating hormone is going to cause the follicle to mature. And it's going to cause the primary oocyte to complete my Asus one and then the resulting secondary oocyte will begin my Asus two. Now the follicle will rupture and release the ove Um and the remaining structure will form what's known as the Corpus Ludie. Um, this is a temporary endocrine structure that will release a lot of progesterone and some extra dial, but it will eventually go away and again. We'll talk more about that in just a moment when we talk about the menstrual cycle. Now, these secondary oocytes are gonna be cells arrested at meta phase two of my Asus two, and if they get fertilized by a sperm, they will actually then complete my Asus two and then form the complete excel and join with the sperm. Now, during the process of my Asus, these oocytes are going to form polar bodies. These air basically small hap Lloyd cells that result due toa unequal psychokinesis during O Genesis. Basically, each biotic division during this process is going to result in a polar body and that polar body doesn't develop into anything. So basically, unlike sperm, a genesis where these biotic divisions give rise to multiple cells that all will go on to become sperm in O Genesis Onley, one cell of the biotic Divisions is gonna go on to form the egg cell and you can see a model of that right here. However, I want to point out that Onley two polar bodies will form. Let me actually jump out of the way here. As you can see, the first polar body will form as the primary oocyte completes my Asus one forms the secondary oocyte. And when the secondary oocyte completes my Asus two, it will form a second polar body. Now with that, let's actually go ahead and flip the page and talk about menstrual cycle