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 Microscopic Appearance of Hyaline Cartilage Similar to a transparent bar of soap, the matrix of hyaline cartilage has a distinct, clear look. At a low magnification, the cartilage can be identified as the bubbly looking tissue, many times, sandwiched between other tissue types. Notice the similarities and differences between the cartilage and the surrounding adipose tissue. As we increase the magnification, you can see the non-fibrous, transparent-looking matrix. The matrix does contain collagen fibers, but they don't stain well. At a high magnification, the chondrocytes within the lacunae become apparent. Hyaline cartilage is widely located, and can be found, for example, on the ends of long bones. The nose... the trachea... and anchoring the ribs to the sternum. Hyaline cartilage has a strong matrix, so it provides structure and strength wherever it's found. Let's finish by reviewing the microscopic appearance of hyaline cartilage. Chondrocyte. Lacuna. Non-fibrous matrix. Hyaline cartilage at 40x... 100x... 400x... 1,000x.