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Microscopic appearance of dense regular connective tissue

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Microscopic Appearance of Dense Regular Connective Tissue Dense regular connective tissue is dense with fibers running parallel to one another, like these ropes. There are two types of dense regular connective tissue. One contains parallel collagen fibers. And the other contains parallel elastic fibers. Collagen fibers run together, forming a strong structure that can withstand bidirectional stress along the axis of the fibers. Dense regular connective tissue makes up tendons, which anchor muscle to bone. The nuclei of fibroblasts can be seen between the collagen fibers. The other type of dense regular connective tissue is elastic connective tissue. Elastic fibers run together creating a durable and flexible structure, such as a ligament, or the outer wall of an artery, as seen here. Let's finish by reviewing the microscopic appearance of dense regular connective tissue. Parallel collagen fibers... make up tendons. Parallel elastic fibers... make up part of arterial walls.