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Review 2: Biosignaling, Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, & PP-Pathway

Practice - Gluconeogenesis


Practice - Gluconeogenesis

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if you haven't answered Question 31 yet. Pause the video now an enzyme that's used by both, like Allah, assists and glue. Konia Genesis is three phosphate illustrate kindness. This is the first enzyme in the of the glide clinic pathway to generate ATP from a deep. And this is the enzyme that takes this phosphor glittery and turns it into three phosphate glittery and in the process it generates an ATP. This is step number seven of glycol icis. Now uhh thes. Other enzymes are restricted to one pathway fossil for cockiness. One is Step three of Glen Collis ISS acts of kindness to Step one of Glen Collis is and pirate kindness to Step 10 of Glen Collis ISS glucose six. Phosphate taste is the last step of glucose neurogenesis, and that's the enzyme that removes the phosphate group from glucose and is on Lee present in liver cells. You might recall now a nen Zai mused in glucose neo genesis that reverses the action of the glide clinic enzyme. Phosphate for tackiness is fructose 16 biss phosphates and you might remember the whole pattern of phosphate asses, reversing the action of kindnesses and Foster for two kindness produces fructose 16 biss phosphate in the third step of Glen Collis ISS. And so fructose 16 bisphosphonates un. Does the action of phosphor freakiness and actually removes a phosphate group from fructose 16 Biss phosphate. Um, moving on to Question 33. Which of the following statements about glue konia Genesis is false, and the answer is that it consists entirely of Glick. Allergic reactions working reverse right. Many of the reactions are carried out by the same enzymes, and they're just going in the reverse direction. But remember, there are those three like clinic reactions that cannot be reversed. And so we have to use different enzymes. And actually, it takes four reactions to undo those three. Because the last reaction of Guy Kalle assists that of Peruvian coyness has to be undone by two reactions in glucose neo genesis. And speaking of that, let's move on to question 34 because Pirou of it cannot be directly converted to foster Enel. Piru of it right? That's pirouette Kindness takes pep and turns it into Piru of it, and we have to undo that in two steps in blue go neo Genesis. So first we have to convert pair of it to oxalate acetate and then convert it to Pep and that it means a is correct. B is actually wrong, though, because it costs an ATP and a GTP. Remember that Converting oxalate acetate to pep cost GTP not a t. P. A little tricky point there, Uh, see is also correct, though the reason that we have to undo it in two steps is because the action of pirate Bay kindness is so energetically favorable it cannot simply be undone by one reaction. So the answer here is actually e both A and C. Now, last question about gluttony of Genesis is, um Why? Why glycol icis and glue konia Genesis are so tightly controlled. What's the point of all this? And the point is to prevent a futile cycle, right? We don't want that. If glue Konya, Genesis and Glen Collis is could occur at the same time, they would just undo each other, right? We'd be wasting energy because, like Hollis, Cisco's in one direction quickly, Genesis goes, and the other we would just be flip flopping. We just be pointlessly carrying out reactions. We wouldn't actually be producing any products, really from either reaction because the products of one reaction or the substrates of the other, and they just kind of the flip flopping back and forth. So when, like Hollis is's inaction glue konia, Genesis is not happening. And when glue konia Genesis is an action like Hollis is is not happening. And remember that most of the enzymes are readily reversible from those two reactions, and they're also shared by those two reactions. So, really, it's just controlling the few enzymes that carry out that irreversible steps that allow you thio regulate, Blake Hollis Is and Leukemia Genesis. Alright, let's flip the page and finish up with some questions on the Pintos phosphate pathway.