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Review 3: Pyruvate & Fatty Acid Oxidation, Citric Acid Cycle, & Glycogen Metabolism

Glucose and Glycogen Regulation Practice 1


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the most sensitive indicator of the energetic status of a cell is a MP. Remember the MP conf Luck Shoe eight very greatly in concentration in the cell, and therefore it's a really good indicator of the energetic status of a cell, whereas ADP and ATP don't fluctuate that greatly by comparison, so Am P is the most sensitive indicator of the energetic status of a cell. Now the enzyme glycogen phosphor Ellis is the enzyme that breaks down glycogen, and it does so by catalyzing the cleavage of Alfa bonds and remember that it breaks off glucose as glucose one phosphate and also recall that it needs the help of de branching enzyme, which is going to pick off those branch point glucose is, um now the one last thing I want. A note is it's a phosphor lace, so it is going to be cutting glucose using phosphate group. And that's why the glucose comes off as glucose one phosphate, which, of course, has to be converted to glucose six phosphate. All right, like a gin branching enzyme. Catalyze is the formation of Alfa 16 Bonds, right? Those are our branch point bonds, and it does this by transferring about 6 to 10 glucose subunits on to the six position of a glucose. On another chain like a genin is the primer for glycogen synthesis, right? It's the core of glycogen, and the initial sugars are attached to tyrosine residues on the glycogen. In now, glycogen, phosphor lace can be al hysterically inhibited them phosphor lays a meaning. The active form could be Alice Terek Lee, inhibited by glucose. Now remember that the active form of glycogen phosphor Ellis is the phosphor elated form, and it has to phosphate groups attached glucose causes. Those phosphate groups toe actually become exposed on the enzyme, allowing for another enzyme to very easily come in and clip them off and thereby deactivate glycogen phosphor early. So glucose is an Alice Terek, inhibitor of glycogen, phosphor Elise. Now, phosphoric bikinis too, is inhibited by a teepee. And for this one, I hope that you had to reason it out. Hope you looked back in your notes and you didn't see anything in there. That was intentional. This one. I wanted you to have to reason your way through and the way I was hoping that you would do it is think. Okay. Foster freakiness to what does that do? Well, it leads to the activation of P F. K one right. And it does that by creating fructose to six piss phosphate, which activates p f K one. And this does like Hollis is right. This keeps Glen Collis is going and, like Hollis is produces ATP, right directly produces ATP and also indirectly produces Ah, lot of ATP, the citric acid cycle and electron transport. So mhm. You know, I want you to be thinking about this logic, like, what is the most likely inhibitor or what's the most likely negative feedback mechanism for a particular enzyme? So I hope that you saw this and you thought, Jeez, which one of these right? Which one of this list is a downstream product of phosphor for tick on our ultimately of you know what fossil for tackiness contributes to And the answer is a p. All right, let's turn the page