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Review 2: Biosignaling, Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, & PP-Pathway

Practice - Pentose Phosphate Path


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if you haven't answered. Question 36 yet Paused The video. Now Trans Keitel Aces Transfer two carbons, two other sugar molecules and you'll remember that during the course of the penthouse phosphate pathway, Um, starting with rival us off five phosphate and producing zyla five. Phosphate and ribose. Five Phosphate with those 25 carbon sugars, the ribose and the silos. A trans key delays will transfer two carbons from the silos to the ribose making Sudha hep telos five phosphate and I'm sorry. Soon I have to do a seven phosphate and G three p or glycerol had three phosphate. After that trans out Lis takes three carbons from your suit of hep telos seven. Phosphate and transfers it to the blister Aldo Hide three Phosphate, leaving you with Erie throws four phosphate, A four carbon sugar and and fructose six Phosphate are six carbon sugar that can enter the lie clinic halfway. Um, which of the following statements about the pen toes phosphate pathway is correct? The answer is that it provides precursors for amino acid bio synthesis. And you might remember that that molecule that we literally just talked about um, which is rich throws for for phosphate that can be used to produce your aromatic amino acids. Um, additionally, additionally, um, the ribose, the ribose produced from the isomerization of rival Lowe's So ribose five phosphate can be produced thio, or it can be used to produce histamine as well as nucleotides. Now which of the following acts in the Pintos phosphate pathway Glycogen phosphor lace is going to be an enzyme that breaks down glycogen. Al Dallas is a like elliptic enzyme foster for tackiness. Also black lyric enzyme. I guess Alice could also be a gloomy eugenic enzyme. Um, and Peruvian kindness is also like lyric enzyme. The answer is C six Possible gluconate di hydrogen ISS, which, you might remember, is the enzyme that carries out the reaction that converts six possible gluconate. Six Foss Foe Luke and eight to You, Reid Bulus. Five Phosphate. So that is the third step of the pantos phosphate pathway. And of course, after this rival, Lowe's five phosphate can be Aissami rised into ribose five Phosphate. That molecule we were just talking about before. All right. Last question glucose labeled with carbon 14 in all of its carbons is added to a crude liver extract rich in the enzymes of the Pintos phosphate pathway. The most rapid production of labeled carbon dioxide will occur from glucose eyes Gonna be from carbon one. Now, the answer might not be immediately clear, so you need to think about the second. Uh, I'm sorry. The third reaction that we were just talking about where six phosphate gluconate is converted to you rivals five phosphate. Because in the process of that reaction, we d car box late six foster gluconate. So six phosphate gluconate here, Here, this is the one carbon, right? This is, um, the one carbon from glucose. Right? And so this is attached to the rest of the molecule. I'm just gonna write art. This is actually going Thio Dhi Qar box late and leave in the course of the reaction as CEO to then you're left with ribose five phosphate in that carbon that's see one or carbon one from glucose. Which is why that's going to be the carbon with the most rapid production of co two, because earliest on in the pathway, that's going to be the carbon that Dhi Qar box lates. So regardless of where the molecule goes after that, that carbon one is going to be coming off first from all of the molecules entering the Pintos phosphate pathway in this particular scenario. All right, that's all the questions we have. So good luck studying for exams. And please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section of these videos. Good luck.