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10. Dynamics of Microbial Growth


Reducing Media

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in this video we're going to begin our lesson on reducing media and so recall from our previous lesson videos that anaerobic bacteria require growth in the absence of oxygen and this requires a special reducing media. Now, reducing media is a special type of microbial growth media that contains reducing agents such as dialogue like like for instance for growing anna robes. And so this reducing media contains these reducing agents and these reducing agents interact with and deplete oxygen in the culture media to help create an anaerobic environment where these anna robes can survive Now. An anaerobic chamber is a special type of container that helps to maintain an anaerobic environment. And so these anaerobic chambers can also be used to grow anna robes in addition to the reducing media and a molecule known as bicarbonate whose chemical formula is H. C. 03 minus can react to form carbon dioxide gas for anaerobic cells when water is added. Since bicarbonate reacts with water to form CO. Two. And so if we take a look at this image down below, we can get a better understanding of this anaerobic chamber and the reducing media. And so notice that this chamber that you see right here is the anaerobic chamber that creates an anaerobic environment on the inside an environment without oxygen. And notice over here in this bag, what there is is bicarbonate, which is H. C. 03 minus. And when you add water to this uh it can react to create carbon dioxide or CO. Two for these anaerobic cells to use. And over here on the right, what we're showing you is an anaerobic indicator, methylene blue, which will actually turn a clear color in an anaerobic environment. So it's just an indicator to show that the environment actually is anaerobic without oxygen. And then here what we're showing you are some Petri dishes here with reducing media to create these anaerobic cell cultures. And so this year concludes our brief lesson on reducing media and anaerobic chambers to grow anna robes that require the absence of oxygen. And we'll be able to get some practice applying these concepts as we move forward. So I'll see you all in our next video.

Which of the following is NOT a type of media used to culture aerobes?