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10. Dynamics of Microbial Growth

Types of Solid Culture Media


Types of Solid Culture Media

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in this video, we're going to begin our lesson on the types of solid culture media. And so solid media is commonly used to culture microbes, which requires the addition of the solidifying agent known as auger. And so auger is actually a specific policy Sacco ride that is extracted from marine algae and anger. This policy Sacco ride is commonly used to solidify liquid media or broth to help create a solid culture media that microbes can grow on. And so the anger is usually contained in one of three ways that we have numbered down below 12 and three. And these numbers here correspond with the numbers that we have in our image down here. And so the first way is through a slant, which as its name implies, the auger in the test tube is going to be solidified at a specific angle to create a large surface area for growth. And this can be important for growing some types of microbes. And so if we take a look at our image down below, we're showing you the different types of culture of solid growth media, solid culture media and the first one that we have here is a slant. And so notice that the anger is the yellow. The culture media here that is solid. Is this yellow inside the test tube and notice that it is at a specific slant here, it's at an angle and it helps to create a larger surface area. Now the next one that we have here, the deeps and the deeps are august solidified in an upright position in the test tube and so what you can see down below here, Number two. This is the deep and so notice that the augers solidified and upright position. And so it creates a much more deep layer here of the culture media and then last but not least what we have are the Petri dishes also known as just plates. And so the Petri dishes are just auger in a shallow plastic plate. And so if you take a look at our image down below, over here, notice that we have this shallow plastic plate and inside is this media, this uh this auger culture media that solidifies. Now. It is really important that all of these different types of solid growth media contain a lid or a cover to help prevent contamination of other microbes. And also it's important to note that when using Petri dishes over here, researchers often isolate colonies of bacteria using a specific method known as the streak plate method. And so we'll be able to talk a lot more about plating methods in our future videos. So this year concludes our lesson on the different types of solid culture media and we'll be able to apply these concepts and learn more as we move forward in our course. So I'll see you all in our next video