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10. Addition Reactions

Alkyne Halogenation

What happens when we add X2 instead of HX to an alkyne? We end up with four halogens in our product. Let's see how that works:



Double halogenation of alkynes.

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Now, let's go Toe halogen Asia halogen nation of all kinds is gonna be a very similar ordeal. Where usually what would we expect to get for a hallucination of an AL Keen we would expect to get vis? It'll die. Hey, Light. Okay, But instead of getting just to have logins, I'm gonna react this twice, so I would actually expect to get a Tetra Hey, light product. Okay, so obviously, that's gonna be a whole lot of ha logins. Let's see how that works. Well, basically, remember that the way this mechanism looks is that the triple bond or the double bond grabs the ex. The ex grabs the double bond or trip on the pie bond kicks out the X. So we wind up getting is we wind up getting a basically a bridge, okay? And what that bridge looks like is like this. So I'd have X like that. Like that. Okay. And then another ex comes around and goes to the Markov nick off position and kicks out the X that's on the bridge. Okay, So what I'd wind up getting is this original product where I have visceral day highlights thes air, the visceral detail as I was talking about. And that would be the product if I Onley reacted it with one equivalent. If I specifically said one equivalent, this is your product. You're done. But what if I said to equivalents one plus one? Or how it if I just said excess meaning more than one? Then I would wrapped it again because I still have a double bond. So what I would wind up getting is the same thing all over again. Where would react this again with X X? Okay, I'll perform my bridge. And eventually what you wind up getting is a tetra. Hey, lied. That looks like this where it have and an X and X from the first edition. And then I would get another X and another x from the second edition. So I wanted getting four. X is next to each other. Okay, then finally, what's at the end here? This would still be in h, but that h came from the age that's here. Okay, The important part is that now I'm getting four ha logins just from the addition of one re agent, because it's reacting twice. All right, so none of this is tough. None of this is really hard. It's just something that you should know how to do. All right, let's go ahead and move on.

General Reaction:

  • Product: tetrahalides