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GOB Chemistry

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Matter and Measurements

SI Units (Simplified)

The International System of Units (SI) represents the modern form of the metric system.

The Major SI Units

SI Units (Simplified) Concept 1

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we're going to say here that the international system of units S. I. Is related to the metric system and it comes with six based units. Now, when it comes to the six based units, let's take a look. We have our physical quantity in each of these physical quantities is attached to an S. I. Base unit. This S. I. Base unit name has a symbol. So when it comes to mass, the S. I. Based name is kilogram and its symbol is K. G. So the S. I. Base unit for mass is kilograms. Next we have length length would be meters which is abbreviated as m time would be seconds, which is abbreviated just S temperature. The S. I. Unit for temperature is kelvin which is abbreviated it's K capital K. The amount of a substance. So you need to familiarize yourself with this particular term in terms of chemistry, the amount of the substance is the mole and its symbol is M O L. So we were just removed the Now when you're doing calculations with moles later on in chemistry, you'll see them use either full name or the symbol name. Okay, so just remember that the same thing now for volume here you'll see that there's two spots. That's because the top one is the S. I. Base unit that we use but you'll find time and time again that you will not see the S. I. Based unit used for volume instead. You'll see the metric one. So the S. I. Based unit for volume is going to be our cubic meters, cubic meters, Which is M. Cube. EM to the three. And here the metric of that is leaders. You'll see leaders more often than you will see cubic meters. And the symbol for leaders is just a capital L. So here we have our six base units as well as one metric unit. In terms of volume, metric unit of leaders is oftentimes used more than the S. I. Units of meters cubed.

SI Units (Simplified) Example 1

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Which of the following values is given with S. I. Units. So here we have 1.25 times 10 to the fourth minutes, 6.82 times tension negative three mg, 25.6 degrees Celsius and one oh 1.3 seconds. Alright, so minutes is a unit of time. We know S. I unit for time is seconds, not minutes. Next milligrams is our units for mass, but we know kilograms is the S. I units for mass, Celsius units for temperature, but we know temperatures should be in Calvin when we're dealing with S. I units here, out of all our options, option D is the correct choice. Seconds is an S. I. Base unit.

Which of the following represents volume in SI units? 


Convert 12 minutes into acceptable SI units.