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Atoms and the Periodic Table

Electronic Structure: Subshells

Subshell designation gives the shape of an orbital within a subshell.

Electronic Structure:Subshells



Electronic Structure: Subshells Concept 1

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Now the shell of an atom can be further divided into sub shells, also known as sub levels, with each one assigned a variable letter. All right. So we have our shell numbers 123 and four were going to say here that are sub shells that can be linked to these is if it is one then the sub shell letter that is possible is S If n equals two, then possible values are S&P F. N equals three. Then possible values are S. P. D. And if N equals four and the possible variables that are possible. The possible barriers that exist are S. P. D. And F. So realizes that end value increases. The variables involved. The variable letter involved increases here. We're not going to go past the variable of F. So if we did N equals five, we'd still be dealing with S P D and F at that point. Okay, so just remember these are your four variable letters that are possible tied to the shell number of an


Electronic Structure: Subshells Example 1

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What are the possible values for N and sub shell letter for an electron found in the third energy level and D sub level. All right. So we're going to say here that if you are a third energy level or third shell number, that means you're N equals three. So, automatically A is out and see us out. The answer is either be or deep. Next. It tells me that I'm dealing with a. D sub level. Well, remember a sub level, A sub shell, they're the same thing. So it's telling me the variable for the sub level and therefore the sub shell may be the same. So the subject letter would still be deep. That means that my answer has to be option B. So that would be the correct answer out of all the choices that are given.

Provide all the possible values of the subshell for a 2 energy level.


How many sublevels are contained in the third shell (n = 3) for a given atom?