Heat Capacity Example 3

by Jules Bruno
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here, it says how much heat in killing jewels is released when 120 g of water goes from 90 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. The specifically capacity of water is given. Ask 4.184 jewels over Graham's times degrees Celsius. So we need to determine the heat, which is cute. They're giving us here the mass of the water, which is M. We have our change in temperature here, and we have our specific heat capacity, which is lower case C. So Q equals M capped. Plug in the grams of water given to us plug in the specific heat capacity that's given to us. And remember the units for the specific heat capacity dictate the units for temperature. Since this is in Celsius, it's good to have our temperatures in Celsius as well. Delta T is final minus initial. So when we do all that Celsius, cancel out, grams can slumped and we'll have jewels of heat involved. When we plugged that in, we're going to get here. Negative. 22593.6 jewels. But here we want the answer in Kila jewels. So one killer, Jewell is equal to tend to the three jewels. Yeah, so here, Jules, cancel out and we'll have killer jewels at the end. So that comes out to negative. 22 point 5936 Killer jewels here. This has four sig figs, one sigfig to sig figs, specifically capacity. We could use it, since it's given to us as a value, but we don't have to. Here. We could just go with one sigfig, but I feel like that's too much rounding. So let's just go with two sig figs based on 45 So it's give me negative 23. Roughly killing joules of heat are released. So here, using Q equals M cat were ableto isolate the heat that's involved in the releasing by the water molecule going from 90 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.