Balancing Redox Reactions: Acidic Solutions

Jules Bruno
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up to this point, we've learned how to balance simple chemical reactions. But now we're gonna learn the approach needed to balance redox reactions. And with balancing these redox reaction is gonna be required. A new approach that accounts for the transfer of electrons between reactions. Remember, one reacted, loses electrons and therefore oxidized, while the other one gains electrons and is reduced. We're going to say when it comes to balancing redox reactions, we can either do it under acidic conditions or basic conditions. Here. We're gonna take a look first at acidic conditions were going to say for acidic redox reactions, we generally have the presence of the H plus ion, and we're gonna say here redox reactions, not Onley balance the atoms of electrons but also charge and electrons. We're going to say here that when it comes to balancing Redox reactions, we have what are called half reactions were going to say balancing a redox reaction begins with identifying it's half reactions. Ah, half reaction is I have the oxidation or reduction reaction portion of a Redox reaction. So we're gonna have two of them. One of one half reaction is gonna be for oxidation. The other one's gonna be for reduction. Now we're gonna say usually ah, half reactions obtained by identifying the elements that are not oxygen or hydrogen. That's what we look for in our Redox reaction. So first determined how to break it up into its two half reactions. Now that we know that little piece of information, click on to the next video on Let's take a look at example question. We have to find the half reactions of a Redox reaction.