Simple Cubic Unit Cell Example 1

Jules Bruno
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calculate the volume in centimeters cube of a simple cubic unit cell. If it's composed of atoms with a radius of 2.5 banks trumps. All right. So just remember that volume equals your edge length cube. And this is true for any cube. And we're going to say here that are edge length for a simple cubic unit cell is edge length A is equal to two times my radius Because our volume needs to be in cm. We have to convert our Angstrom also in two cm. So we have 25 angstrom. Remember the conversion factor is that one? Angstrom is equal to 10 to the negative 10 m m goals here in cm up here, one senti is 10 to the -2. So this comes out to be 2.5 times 10 to the negative eight cm. So that's my radius and centimeters. So now multiply it by two. So this equals 50 times 10 to the negative eight cm. And then all we have to do here is cube this number and we'll have our volume in centimeters cubed. So when I cube this, it's going to give me back as an answer. 1.3 times 10 to the negative cm cubed. So this would be our final answer.