(b) What is the identity of the element whose isotopes you have selected?

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Hi everyone here we have a question asking us to consider the following three atoms, 79 34 X 81 35 X. And 79 35 X. Identify the name of the element that has its isotopes listed in these three atoms. So I'm gonna rewrite X. And in each of these numbers we have an A. And A B. So A. In this case is its mass. So it's protons plus its neutrons B. In this case is its atomic number or number of protons. They're the same thing. So 79 34 x 35 X. And 79 35 X are all isotopes because they have the same atomic number, the same number of protons with different mass numbers. So we're going to look up the atomic number on the periodic table, which is 35. And on the periodic table we see that is browning. So these are all isotopes of browning. And that is our final answer. Thank you for watching. Bye.