Redox Reactions

by Jules Bruno
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redox reactions, also known as oxidation reduction reactions involved transference of an electron or electrons between reactors. And now a memory tool that will help us remember. What does it mean to be oxidized versus reduced? Is that leo the lion goes ger So leo stands for lose electrons. Oxidation anger stands for gain electrons reduction. So let's go back and think about this, lose electrons. Oxidation electrons are negatively charged. If I'm losing something that's negative, then my life me as a substance becomes more positive, so losing the negative to become more positive. So you're becoming more positive as you lose negative electrons. But let's talk about this in terms of oxidation numbers, I'm becoming more positive. That means my oxidation number is increasing. Maybe I go from plus two, two plus four. Now, if you're gaining negative things in your life, which we all don't want to happen, you're gonna become more negative. So you become more negative in charge. What does that mean in terms of oxidation number? Well, if you are becoming more negative, that means that your number is decreasing. So your oxidation number is going down. So maybe I go from plus three to minus one, my oxidation number has decreased. So just remember leo means lose electrons, oxidation, I become more positive. My oxidation number goes up, gain electrons, reduction, I become more negative. My oxidation number decreases. We're gonna remember this when we take a look at redox reactions