What is the density of lead in g/cm3 if a sample weighing 206.77 g has a volume of 15.50 cm3?

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Hi everyone today, we have a question telling us that an unknown 15 millimeter sample of liquid at room temperature was determined to weigh 69.3 g, calculate its density and determine if it will float on water. So for this we're going to use the equation mass equals volume times density. And we want to solve for density. So density will equal mass divided by volume. So now, plugging in what we know. Our density equals 69 0. g, divided by 15 mL, And that equals 4. grams per middle leader. And we're going to assume that water has a density Of about one g per mil leader. 4. Is greater than one, so it will sink. And there are our final answers. Thank you for watching. Bye.