Velocity Distributions Example 1

Jules Bruno
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for this example. Question. It says the graph illustrated below shows the distribution of molecular velocities. How many of the following statements is our true? All right, So we have Let's take a look. We have three curves within this graph. We have the red curve, the blue curve in the green one. Here we can see that on our Y axis, we have the number of molecules, and then on our X axis we have our velocities. So for one at a given temperature curve, a is measured at the highest temperature, so curve is the red one. Remember, we said that the higher your temperature goes than the more broad, the more broad the curve gets the most broad one is the green curve curve C, so it would have the highest temperature. Next for a given gas sample. Courtesy represents gas molecules with the smallest Mueller Mass. What we said that the lower your Mueller Mass than the also more broad you're curve gets. Since Curve C is the most broad, it makes sense that it would have the smallest Mueller Mass. So this is true. And then here we just said that Curve C has the highest on smaller, smaller mass, so it couldn't have the highest smaller Massa's well and then for four forgiven gas sample. The more narrow the velocity distribution, the lower the temperature. So remember, we said, the higher your temperature gets, the more broad the curve becomes. So if we do the opposite, the lower your temperature gets, then the more narrow you're curve will become. We'd say here that curve A is the most narrow. Therefore, it would be at the lowest temperature. So this statement here is true. The more narrow the velocity distribution in terms of the curve in the lower the temperature is so out of the four statements, two of them are true. This makes options see the correct choice.