A sample of the male sex hormone testosterone, C19H28O2, contains 3.88 * 1021 hydrogen atoms. (b) How many molecules of testosterone does it contain?

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Hi everyone here with all the questions telling us that a sample of progesterone C H 30 02 contains 4.87 times 10 to the 25th carbon atoms. And our goal is to calculate the number of progesterone molecules in the sample. So we have 4. Times 10 to the 25th carbon atoms. And we're gonna multiply that by one molecule per dress room, divided by our carbon atoms that are in progesterone. So as we can see, our carbon atoms are going to cancel out. And that is going to give us 2.32 times 10 to the 24th progesterone molecules. And that is our final answer. Thank you for watching. Bye.