Powers and Root Functions

Jules Bruno
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So here it says, use the method discussed above, determined the answer to the following question. So here we have 7.5 times, 10 to the negative three taken to the fifth power times the fourth root off 8.6 times. 10 to the 21 and we're gonna see what our answer is. Now what you should do is you should do parentheses. 7.5 times, 10 to negative. Three close parentheses and then you raise it to the fifth power. If you do that correctly, what you should get initially is 05 times 10 to the negative. 11. Check to see you got the same answer that I did times remember this here is the same thing as saying 86 times, 10 to the 21 in parentheses taken to the 1/4 power. Remember, Fourth Root is the same thing as 1/4 power. So if we take this to the 1/4 power, which you should get at the end is 3045 to 6. Then we multiply those two numbers together and remember here when you're multiplying or dividing the number of significant figures is the lowest, right? So this coefficient here has to sig figs that this coefficient here has to sick fix or answer at the end must have to sig figs. So what you get here 7.2 times 10 to the negative six. So input that answer and put these numbers into your calculator and see if you get the same example Answer that I got at the end again. You may be ableto write things down correctly on paper, but if you're struggling and punching it into your calculator, then you you won't ever get the correct answer. So keep practicing when it comes to in putting these values into whatever calculator model that you're using.