Periodic Table: Elemental Forms

by Jules Bruno
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Sometimes we can refer to multiple elements together as being either whole nuclear or hetero nuclear. In whole nuclear compounds. These air compounds composed off identical elements, so this would represent our die atomic and Polly atomic elements. So we talk about H two c l two p four s eight. These would be our Homo nuclear elements. Or we could name them Die Atomic Elements or Polly Atomic elements in hetero nuclear compounds. This is when our compounds are composed of different elements. So a good example would be water, which is H 20 carbon dioxide, which is C 02 ammonia gas. So ammonia is big with fertilizers. That's NH three, also glucose, which we've talked about in the past C six, h 12 06 So just remember, elements can exist as either mono atomic diatonic or Polly atomic elements, and then we can also refer to them as either homo nuclear. If all the elements are the same or hetero nuclear, if the elements together are different