Logarithmic Functions

Jules Bruno
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so continue where we left off. It says, without using a calculator, determined the answer to the following questions. So remember, we have a lot of 1.0 times 10 to the negative seven here because they're multiplying. We can distribute the log till the one and two. The 10th negative seven. Because they're multiplying really means that they're being added together from up above. We saw that log of one is equal to zero. And then we saw up above that. This is Law based 10. So that 10 in this tin can be thought of canceling each other out. So then what will be left behind would be this negative seven. So we have zero plus negative. Seventh or answer at the end will be negative. Seven for this one. Log off 1000. Think about it. How else could I write 1000? I could write it as 10 to the three. So this cancels out, cancels out. So we'd be left with a value of three. Double check plug into your calculator. See if you get the same exact answer. Remember, if you have a number, tow a power. The times 10 to the power you should put it in parentheses in your calculator. Otherwise, you may get the incorrect answer. So you do log open parentheses 1.0 times 10 to the negative seven close parentheses and get your answer of negative seven. So we've done these two attempt to do this next example on your own. See if you get the answer. You can double check by punching it into your calculator or by coming back and taking a look at my video explanation on how to approach this question as well.