Internal Energy Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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here, we're told. What is the internal energy of the system? If the reaction is done at a constant pressure of 20 atmospheres and the volume compresses to leaders to five leaders while releasing 92 point to kill jewels of heat? Alright, so internal energy is delta eat and it equals Q plus W. They tell us that we're releasing 92.2 kg of heat. Remember, if you're releasing heat, it has a negative sign. So it's negative 92 to kill a jewels. Since heat is in killing jewels, work needs to be in kill jewels. Remember, work equals negative pressure. Times change in volume. So negative 20 0 atmospheres. Times change in volume, which is final minus initial. So five liters minus 10 liters. So here, when we do that, that's going to give me a positive. Okay, 100 leaders, times, atmospheres and here we need killer jewels for work. So we're gonna have to do some converting. So we have 100 liters times. Atmospheres. Remember one leader times at one leader times atmospheres equals one on 13 to 5 jewels. And then remember one killer Jewell is equal to tend to the three jewels. So that's gonna give me 10.13 Yeah. 25 jewels here will just round to 10.13 jewels. I'll kill jewels. Now, we're gonna take that and plug it in. So here, I'm going to take this is my work and plug it into here. So now we're gonna plug this into our calculators, and when we do, that's gonna give us the internal energy of our system. So let me read. Write it down here. So we're gonna say Delta E equals Q plus W. So what equals negative? 92.2 plus 10. So when we do that, we're gonna get our answer as negative 82. Killer jewels. This tells me how much energy my system has lost. Do this process. So just remember, internal energy equals Q plus W