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A mixture containing KClO3, K2CO3, KHCO3, and KCl was heated, producing CO2, O2, and H2O gases according to the following equations: 2 KClO31s2¡2 KCl1s2 + 3 O21g2 2 KHCO31s2¡K2O1s2 + H2O1g2 + 2 CO21g2 K2CO31s2¡K2O1s2 + CO21g2 The KCl does not react under the conditions of the reaction. If 100.0 g of the mixture produces 1.80 g of H2O, 13.20 g of CO2, and 4.00 g of O2, what was the composition of the original mixture? (Assume complete decomposition of the mixture.) How many grams of K2CO3 were in the original mixture?

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