Writing Ionic Compounds Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here in this example question, it says provide the molecular formula for the following compound. We have magnesium sulfate, so magnesium is MG. Magnesium is in group two A. So it's charge is plus two or two plus now, Saul, fate okay, eight is a good indicator that this is a poly atomic ion. If you remember, sulfate is one of our common types of tetra oxides, meaning that we have four oxygen's involved. Alright, So soft means we're dealing with sulfur. It is one of our common tetroxide. So it has four oxygen's and it has a charge of two minus. The poly atomic ions can be a little bit of annoying, but again go back and review the polic atomic ions if you don't remember them. Now we look at our M g two plus and R S L four to minus. Look at the numbers within the charges. Here we have it too. And here we have it too. Remember when the numbers are the same, they just cancel out and then you combine the elements together. So the two plus in the tu minus cancel out. So what we'll have left is MG s So magnesium sulfate is represented by M. G s 04