Naming Ionic Hydrates

Jules Bruno
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in these series of videos will learn what ionic hydrates are and the rules needed to name them. Now we're gonna say ionic hydrates are simply ionic compounds linked to at least one molecule of water. Here we have as our example see you. X h 20 X just represents some unknown number of water molecules that are linked to copper and encore ing together here now. But dot here is what's referring to as the linking or bonding of the water molecules to this Ionic compound. Now that we know what no Ionic hydrate is, let's look at the rules to name them. Some of these rules are pretty familiar to us because, ah, big chunk of it has to do with naming ionic compounds, which we've covered in earlier videos. Now, step 0 to 3 are the same rules as naming ionic compounds. If you don't remember those rules, make sure you go back and take a look at our videos on naming ionic compounds. Step four is new for Step four. We're going to say that the water portion will be called hydrate, but we also have to specify how many of these hydrates are connected to my ionic compound, we're going to say to describe the number of water molecules in a hydrate, we now use numerical prefixes. Now these numerical prefixes go from mono to Decca mono, meaning one and then dies to try is three. Tetra is four. Some of these terms were kind of familiar with. Pentagon has five sides, So Penta is five. Hexagon has six sides. Hep tha. We may not have been familiar with that because that's not a term that usually seen, so I have to. It's seven. Octagon eight now Nana Nana is nine and Decca is 10. So now that we know how to identify Ionic hydrates and we've learned the basic rules for naming them, let's take a look at some questions and put to what we learned into practice.