Naming Ionic Hydrates Example 1

Jules Bruno
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in this example Question. We're told to name the following Ionic Hydrate. All right, so let's do the easy part. First, we have five water molecules here, so five would mean that we're using the numerical prefix of Penta, and the water would be called hydrates. So this is Penta hydrate. Now, if we take a look at the eye on a compound portion, we have led with oxygen with lead. We have an issue, though Lead can have a charge of either two plus or four Plus, remember, lead is not a transition metal, but it and tin have this issue where they can be two plus or four. Plus, If you don't remember that again, go back and take a look at my periodic table videos that deal with charges Now here. Oxygen oxygen is in Group six. A. Remember a few groups? Six. A. Your charge is two minus or minus two, so let's think about this. Oxygen is minus two. There are two oxygen's within the formula, so collectively, the oxygen's together R minus four for P B 02 to be neutral. This minus four has to be counterbalanced or canceled out by what by a plus four. So the plus four of the lead cancels out the minus four from the two oxygen's, thereby giving us a neutral ionic compound. So that would mean that we're dealing with for our our Ionic compound lead. Four, Remember? Uses Roman numerals because it has multiple charges. Led four Oxygen's based name is Ox, and then we put it at the end. So lead for oxide Penta hydrate. So this one was tricky, but this would be the name of our ionic hydrate.