The Ideal Gas Law

Jules Bruno
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in our exploration and described the behavior of gas is we come upon the ideal gas law. Now the ideal gas law formula relates the behavior of gas under varying conditions, off pressure volume, moles and temperature. So our ideal gas law formula is PV equals NRT. We see that it's in a purple box, which means that you need to memorize it. Your professor is going expect you to know this formula. It's gonna be involved in so many different types of ideas and calculations within this chapter. Now, if we take a closer look at it, we said that P equals pressure here. The units for pressure will be in atmospheres. Volume will be in leaders and equals the amount of gas in moles. Are is a gas constant. And here, when it comes to the ideal gas law, we tend to see it as 0.8 to 06 In the next section, we'll talk about the units involved with this gas constant, and then temperature year temperature will be in Kelvin's. So just remember to talk about the ideal behavior of gas is we use the ideal gas law. So click on the next video and let's take a look at an example question