Rutherford Gold Foil Oil Experiment

Jules Bruno
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now, through the use of the rough for gold foil experiment, were able to develop a new model for the Adam itself. We coin it, the nuclear model. Now, before Rutherford nuclear model, we had Thompson's plum pudding model. Now with the plum pudding model, it was believed that the atom itself had dispersed around it electrons. So these negatively charged electrons were dispersed evenly throughout the atom. Now, to counterbalance these electrons, we actually had positive charges embedded within the atom. This overall gave the atom a neutral charge. Now, if this were true when Rutherford used his alpha particles, they should have all shot through the app. However, we saw that some of the Alfa particles were being deflected from something near the center of the Adam itself. This helped to create the nuclear model. So with the nuclear model and the ejection off alpha particles from our lead container towards the atom, we saw that some bees alpha particles were deflecting back as we fired alpha particles towards them. Now, of course, some of them did go through because they wouldn't interact with the nucleus itself, but just realized because of the gold foil experiment, Rutherford was able to put to rest this plum pudding model first theorized by Thompson and give us this more accurate nuclear mom.