What is wrong with each of the following statements? (a) The symbol for tin is Ti. (b) The symbol for manganese is Mg. (c) The symbol for potassium is Po. (d) The symbol for helium is HE.

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Hey everyone, we're being asked to identify the pair that does not match its name to its symbol correctly. So starting off with a, we have potassium and we have seen this written as cake. We've also seen it written as K Plus in its caddy on form. Silver, silver is one of our transition metals. And we've seen this also written as AD. Plus or a G two plus for mercury. This one would also be correct. And we've seen this written as H G 22 plus and we have iodine which would also be correct. And we've seen this as I minus. So chlorine is going to be our answer and that's because chlorine should be written as C. L. With a capital C. So this question was super easy and I hope it made sense and let us know if you have any other questions.