Significant Figures Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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So let's take a look at the following example question here, it says determine the number of significant figures in the following value. While our value has a decimal point, when it has a decimal point, you move from left to write and we start counting. Once we get to our first non zero number. Our first non zero number is this three. So that's where we start counting. So that's gonna be one to three four. You count all the way to the end once you start counting. So here, this would just simply have four significant figures. So remember, just to rely on the three rules that we know in terms of determining the number of significant figures if it has a decimal point such as this one, we move from left to right. Start counting once you get to your first non zero number and keep counting until the end. If it had no decimal point, then we moved from right toe left and follow the same exact rules. If it was an exact number, then would have an infinite number of significant figures. Now that we've done this example question, move on to the practice question