Determine whether each of the following statements is true or false. If false, correct the statement to make it true: (a) The nucleus has most of the mass and comprises most of the volume of an atom.

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hey everyone in this example, we need to determine whether the statement below is a true statement. So what we want to think of is mass number for an atom also known as atomic mass and what these values mean. Or this value means is the number of protons in an atom added to the number of neutrons in an atom. We should recall that protons and neutrons are bound together in the nucleus of an atom and because we know that adding them together make up our value for the mass number or atomic mass. We would say that we can definitely agree with the fact that the statement says that the nucleus is made up of neutrons. However, we need to say that it needs to be corrected to say plus protons and we would agree with the part of the statement that says this makes up most of the mass which would be correct. However, with the addition of protons, that would be correct. And it says it also makes up the volume of an atom. Now we want to say that this is an incorrect portion of our statement because we confirmed below that the protons and neutrons within the nucleus of an atom make up the mass number A K A the atomic mass of our atom. And so based on what we've outlined here, we can say. Therefore the statement is false. We know that it only or the protons and neutrons only make up most of an Adams mass. So the statement should have just ended here and included protons to be correct. So it should have had a period here to be a correct statement, however, it didn't. And so it's a false statement. So our final answer here is boxed in. If you have any questions, please leave them down below and I'll see everyone in the next practice video.