(a) Define atomic number and mass number.

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Hey everyone in this example, it says the identity of an atom can be identified by the number of protons. But what does the number of neutrons tell us about an atom. So we want to recall that the number of neutrons will tell us the isotope identity of a given of element For part two of the question it says what do the number of electrons and their arrangement tell about an atom. But we want to recall that the number of electrons tell us the reaction chemical properties of a given element. For example, when we imagine a atoms such as hydrogen, we recall that hydrogen only has one valence electron so one outer electron. And so ideally it's going to only want to make one single bonds to other atoms. We want to recall that hydrogen is in group one a. On the periodic table. And we recall that atoms in this same group number will behave chemically similar to one another. So all atoms or sorry, all other elements in group one a. On our periodic table will also only have one outer valence electron and will also choose to make a single bond just one, two other atoms when bonding in chemical reactions. So this completes this example as our final answer. I hope that everything we went through is clear. If you have any questions, please leave them down below. And I will see everyone in the next practice video