The Ideal Gas Law: Molar Mass

by Jules Bruno
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Besides finding the moles of the gas sample, the ideal gas law could be extended further defined the molar mass of the gas. Here, we're gonna look at the easy way on how we were able to derive the ideal gas law to this new version. Besides this easy method, we have a harder method. You can click on the next video to see how I derived this formula. But again on Lee. Look at that video. If your professor cares on showing how you derive this new version of the ideal gas law, If you're professor doesn't care, then just ignore that video and just go on to the next question where we have to solve for problem. Alright, so here to help us remember this one, we're gonna same or mass. Really? Tests are valuable patients. So here Moeller and then mass really tests rt They are over valuable patients, which is volume and pressure here. I just kept them in the order of PV. So this is the formula we can utilize to find the more massive A gas immediately, instead of doing it piece by piece, like we did in previous example questions. So just remember more mass, really. Tests are valuable patients. Capital M equals lower case m r t over PV. So now that we've seen this easy method, you can click on to the next video to look at how I derived this formula. Or you can skip that video and just head straight to questions or utilize this particular newly derived ideal gas law formula.