Catalyst Example 1

Jules Bruno
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Hey everyone. So in this example question it says a certain reaction has an entropy value of negative killed jules and an activation energy of 40 killer jewels. A catalyst is found that lowers the activation energy of the reaction by 10 kg what is the total difference in energy between the products and the transition state? Alright, so they're telling us here are the values So this is delta H. And we can say here, delta also can fill in And it's negative 20. So let's say that where our reactant start here at 40 killed jules and negative 20 means our products are 20 kg lower. So they're here at 20 kilovolts activation energy. Remember, activation energy is the difference in height between my transition state and my reactant line. So that would mean my transition state which is up here would have to be 80. The difference between these two is where my activation energy is. Remember delta H or delta E equals products minus reactive. So it'd be 20-40. Which is how we got that negative 20. Alright, so now they're saying that we used a catalyst which lowers the energy of activation. So Here we were at 80 for the transition state, it gets lowered by 10. So now we're at 70, We're still at 40 for the reactant. That doesn't change. And my products are still down here at line 20. So now we have to calculate the difference this delta H or delta E. Doesn't change. It's still gonna be -20. Uh And then here differences in energy between products and the transition state here, if we're looking at what's the total difference in energy between products and the transition state? So we're looking at this total distance here. Alright, so here we'd say total difference in energy between products. In the transition state, Products are at 20 transition state is 70. So that would be a difference of 50 kg. Talk. Okay, so that's a total difference. We started out with a total difference of 60 kg jewels between products and transition state. We add the catalyst. The overall energy is lowered by that much would be 50 here. If we wanted to look at the new activation energy, we could also do that. The activation energy here. The new one would be 70 minus the 40. So it be 30 killer jewels. And again, delta, delta. You would still be negative 20 kg joules. So this is all the information we could tell for this particular energy diagram once we've introduced the catalyst