Factors Influencing Rates Concept 1

by Jules Bruno
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There are four major factors that directly influence how fast or slow a reaction proceeds. Now here, we're going to say, for reaction to occur, reactive molecules must collide with enough energy. And with this whole idea of energy and collisions, we have collision frequency and successful collisions. Now, collision frequency is the number of molecule collisions per unit of time. And successful collisions are just those energetic collisions resulting in product formation because sometimes molecules may collide together, but they may not do it with the right amount of energy or force, and therefore products will not be made. So if we take a look here, we have molecules that are energized. They're energized and hit each other with enough force, and this results in a successful collision where they're stuck together. If they don't have enough energy, then they're not going to lead to a successful collision. They will not stick together, and eventually they will just bounce off one another. So keep this in mind. These are the fundamental things we need for any successful collision for chemical reaction to proceed, click on the next video and let's go a little bit more in depth in terms of these four factors that have a direct impact on the successful collisions