Nature of Energy Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here, it states which of the following statements deals with potential energy with non chemical energy associated with it. Remember, potential energy is just the energy of position, whereas chemical energy, which is an offshoot of potential energy, it's just associated with the chemical bonds of atoms. All right, so if we take a look here, it says a car traveling with the velocity of 51 m per second with a mass of 1250 kg. Here we're talking about velocity. We're talking about the motion of this car, so this is more associated with kinetic energy. So this is out next, your chemistry book, sitting on a table counter near the trash can weighing 12 Newton's at a height of 1.2 m, so make sure doesn't fall into the trash can here. They're just talking about the position of the chemistry book. Okay, it's at a certain height, and then we're talking about a force on it here. This is purely potential energy, so this would be our answer. But let's look at the other options. Ah, chunk of coal being thrown into a furnace to generate heat here. We're talking about heat being generated from this. This is closely related to thermal energy. And then next we have the warmth coming from a campfire. So again, we're talking about temperature. We're talking about heat. So this is a version of kinetic energy in the form of thermal energy. So out of all the choice is the only one that is purely potential energy. Without talking about chemical energy would have to be option B.