Nature of Energy

Jules Bruno
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in our discussion of the concept of energy, it's important to remember that the S I unit for energy is Jewell. And it's named after the English scientist James Jewell. When it comes to Jules, we're going to say that there are three particular types of conversion factors associated with it. We're going to stay here for the first one. We have one calorie, which is lower, Casey. This equals 4.184 jewels. Next, we have one capital C calorie. This one is associated with food nutrition. This particular calorie equals 4184 jewels and then finally, kilowatt hours. Usually when we talk about electrical bill, it's associated with kilowatt hours. So we're gonna stay here. Kilowatt hours equals 3.6 times 10 to the six jewels. So these are three conversion factors associated with R. S. I unit for energy. Also realize here that I didn't put purple boxes around them so usually are not expected to memorize them. They're oftentimes given to you within the question, or they're given to you on a formula sheet when taking an exam. But here just again. Remember these air three common types of conversion factors associated with jewels